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After That Day: Stories of Epilepsy

One out of every twenty-six people will have epilepsy in their lifetime. It can come when you least expect it, and no one is exempt from its grasp.
After That Day: Stories of Epilepsy provides forty- five personal accounts of people who have been forever changed. These stories offer a challenging look at survival, and in many cases, a cure.

Presented by Sofie’s Journey, this book will launch at the 2019 Epilepsy Awareness & Education Expo, a free 2-day event during the Epilepsy Awareness Day at Disneyland® Resort (EADDL).

This beautiful, rich color, hardback book contains personal stories as told by the patients, family members, and caregivers. Each story features amazing, introspective photos which compliment and tell the story as well as the written words. 

Please consider donating one or more copies of this book to an epilepsy specialist, neurology center, or other business for the purpose of spreading awareness. This can be done in the name of an individual or company.

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2 reviews for “After That Day: Stories of Epilepsy” – Single Copy BOOK

  1. Candy

    We are so proud of this book. We are grateful to everyone that participated by working on it or being in it. This book WILL make a difference in the Epilepsy community and beyond! Please support this project so we can continue to print books to share with the world!

  2. Sam Downie

    First my reaction to the book.. “WOW!” also “am now a bag of mixed emotions” – please note, I tell my own story in this book about living with Epilepsy and Autism. But I am glad to tell it alongside quite a range of people/patients of all ages and disabilities from around the world. The book will have you in floods of tears, alongside a new understanding of how Epilepsy, Seizures and Disabilities affects not just the patient/person but family and friends also. Theres stories of how some Dr’s don’t listen to the patients showing no Compassion, there’s stories of strength and people being Resilient with living with seizures, there’s the sadness of SUDEP, but there’s hope also. This IS a MUST book to buy, own, to share and to make sure that bookstores around the world can stock this book so that everyone can get it, and share in our own discoveries of how Epilepsy, Seizures, Autism and other Disabilities compact and affect life. Go on, I dare YOU to Talk About It – and help to bring Epilepsy out from the Shadows !

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