She Just Felt Like She Belonged…

We were not registered last year, we happened to just be at Disney for this event and it was amazing!

My daughter is not one who reaches out to people, she says away from other kids due to so much difficulty tracking conversations.

Even at Disney it’s just “us” because she can’t keep up. Last year she spotted kids everywhere in purple shirts (oh I wish I had one for my daughter).

She would yell for them, and encourage us to catch up so she could meet them. She just felt like she belonged. This gathering gives medical information at the expo, but what it gave my child was people all over the parks who were “like her” and she thrived! She was interactive, chatty, and happy. She invited kids to do rides with her, sit by her at shows, and more.

Thank you so much for this gathering that lets kids know they are part of the masses not just an island.

T. Hoffman